Pricing works as follows:


Food, Dance & Sports

– R350 per hour


Matric Dance

– Different Packages


Option 1:

Duration: 4 hours maximum

Tariff: R1600

You receive: 120 high resolution images

Full package including:

make-up/or hair,

props (shoes, perfume, jewerly, keepsakes),

getting dressed,

matric couple photos,
on their own Boy/Girl,

family photos,

photos by the car


Option 2:

Duration: 2 hours maximum

Tarrif: R950

You receive: 60 high resolution images including single photos of girl, props, matric couple photos, family photos, photo by the car


Option 3:

Duration: 1 hour

Tariff: R450

You receive: 30 high resolution images including single photos of girl and couple photos at a location of our choice.


Just Born/Birth Phorography

R850 – 45mins to 1hour

You receive: 35 high resolution photos



*please note I cannot shoot for Real Estate Agencies or Individuals needing to sell their home.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 1/5 hours, depending on size of house/property

Tariff: R950 for photographing and editing of photos

You receive: A varied amount – depending on how many spaces there are to photograph.



Different Packages


Option 1:

Family of four:

Tariff: R670

Duration: 1 hour

You receive: 35 high resolution images



Option 2:

Family of 5 to 7

Tariff: R970

Duration: 1 hour

You receive: 55 high resolution images



Option 3:


Family 8 and more

Tariff: R1350

Duration: 11/2 hours

You receive: 75 high resolution images


Children’s Birthday Parties

R490 per hour

You receive: 60  high resolution images

Optional photo-related products available



Prices, packages and what I offer are available on request

**Note: Packages start around R6 500 and up to R14 500, with two other options available in-between.

Custom quotes available for very Specific Weddings or other requests.